Fled Tokyo

(Tu.uT.Tu. | Test Press)

Fled Tokyo the DJ, producer, chief editor of Tune ouT Tokyo and the event co-organizer of ‘Test Press’ @ Koara and ‘ADYxTTT’ @ 32016. Fled is also the sole organizer of ‘D&D’ @ Débris , ‘Siren’ @ Mitsuki, and ‘Sky Diamonds by Lucy’ @ Bonobo. Fled accepts invitations from Mindoff, Type Nine, Revolt, Studio0, and SelVa .
Fled arrived on the Tokyo scene in 2015 with his monthly residency ‘Test Press’ @ Koara using vinyl. A residency continuing monthly for 8 years and counting.
Fled broke out in 2019 when he performed at two life-changing events for the Huit Etoiles crew @ Vent for Moscoman and Trikk in January and for Simple Symmetry in April.
Everyone knows Fled, however now they know him as the chief editor of Tune ouT Tokyo.
Fled contributes to the DJ and electronic music scene in Japan through Tune ouT Tokyo with international DJ interviews and album release featured articles.

Checkout https://www.tuneouttokyo.jp/ for the latest.
Fled is a DJ with a pulse on Tokyo and the World.