2014年、コカ・コーラ主催のburn residencyにて日本チャンピオンとして世界大会に出場。全6,000人の参加者の中から最終選考の6人に選出され、約4ヶ月の間イビサで過ごし、Privillage、Cafe Mambo、Ushuaiaといったイビサのビッグクラブにてプレイしてきた経験を持つ。帰国後はGood House Musicを中心に国内外のクラブやフェスティバルへ出演。またリミックスやアパレルブランドへの楽曲提供やミュージックバーの音楽ディレクションなど多方面で活躍中。EDGE HOUSEのレジデントDJとして活躍するほかトラックメイカー/リミキサーとしてその才能を発揮している。

In 2014, KZMT competed as a Japanese champion at Burn residency which was hosted by Coca Cola. Out of 6000DJs he was chosen to be the one of the final 6.
He stayed in Ibiza after for about 4months and played at ages of the biggest clubs in Ibiza such as privilege, cafe mambo, and ushuaia.
After coming back to Japan, having “good house music” as a base, he has been at clubs and festivals not only in Japan but also overseas. His talent has no limit as he also makes remix, provides his music to fashion brand, and also directs music at music bars.
He is currently playing as a resident DJ at an event called Edge House which is happening every first and third Fridays at the sound museum Vision in Shibuya.