現在では韓国の Beton BrutとConcrete Barのオーナーを務め、高品質な音楽を提供することに尽力し、ローカルのDJとアンダーグラウンドを盛り上げている。

Kim.Qna was born in Seoul and spent his early years in Panama, Hong Kong, and the USA, where he was exposed to many cultures and diverse genres of music.
In the 90s, his family had a record shop, and this is where he spent hours listening to all kinds of music without any sort of bias. Also, his father was often on the road, from where he would bring back rare records to add to his collection. Kim.Qna quickly picked up on the same hobby, and started to collect records in his teens. In 2002, Qna started to play his collection at a small bar, and this is what sparked his interest in being a DJ.
Kim.Qna is the owner of Beton Brut and Concrete Bar, Seoul. He is working hard to deliver quality electronic music to the masses; both as a DJ and as an owner. He has shared decks with some of the world’s finest, and is consistently working with local DJs to make a strong underground movement.