Xenolyth a.k.a KABU

ディープで ミニマルlなテクノをベースに、アンダーグラウンドシーンと地球への愛を

Dark side boss of the genre-less party group, “Shickariyaru”.
Started DJing from the shock and excitement of the Pasar Full Moon Festival in Shimane.
After touring local clubs in Berlin, obsessed with dark techno and started weaving the love for the underground scene and the earth with a subterranean rumbling groove of Deep / Minimal Techno.
his love for the underground scene and the earth.
He spins with a groove like a ground rumbling.

With respect for Japan’s psychedelic rave culture
He is also active as a Psy-Tech player at closed parties.

Out of respect for the Japanese psychedelic rave culture, he is also active as a Psy-Tech player in closed parties.

In order to improve the presence of Japanese rave culture in the global music scene, he has been organizing events in Tokyo and its suburbs with his trusted crews since 2022.