DJ、プロデューサー、画家と各方面で活躍するマルチアーティスト EREKA(エレカ)。

DJ, producer, painter, and more Multidisciplinary artist EREKA.
She started her career as a DJ in 2012.Currently based in Tokyo.
She is highly regarded for her unique and genre-less play style centering on HIPHOP and TECHNO, with a focus on DJing and music production.
She has performed at parties hosted by apparel brands, as well as events sponsored by corporations and governments. She is also active outside of clubs.
At an early age, she garnered an interest in her grandfather’s records that lined the walls of his house and grew up listening to Jazz music.
Growing up with access to numerous records and musical equipment has strongly influenced her current music and artwork.This upbringing led to the birth of her as a multidisciplinary artist.
As a painter, she has a style and look that one would never expect from a DJ. Her works are mainly oil paintings, and she is gaining notoriety as a painter. Her multi-faceted and multi-talented work is something to look forward to in the future.