制作された楽曲は〈Livity Sound〉〈ZamZam Sounds〉〈Saturate Records〉〈Deep Dark & Dangerous〉などのレーベルよりリリースされ、Truthなど多数のアーティストの楽曲のリミックス、アーティストや映像作品にむけた楽曲提供・共同制作も行う。YoungstaやHatchaを始め、ベースミュージックを中心に様々なDJによるサポートを受けており、世界中のクラブやDJミックス、BBC Radio1RinseFMなどのラジオ放送でも楽曲がプレーされる。日本を中心に活動するコレクティブ〈Vomitspit〉には立ち上げから参加しており、自身の楽曲以外のリリースにも関わる。
DJとしては国内外問わずパフォーマンスを行っており、The Star Festival(京都)やOutlook Festival(クロアチア)といったフェスティバルにも出演。Modular & Dub Liveと称し、自身の作品の再構築と即興的な表現をとりいれたパフォーマンスも行う。



Producer/DJ from Japan.
Dayzero started producing music focus on Dubstep in 2014. Currently,he is creating music with a deepened approach to his original sounds, which is influenced by music like Dub/Bass Music/Avant-garde HipHop. He also performs mainly his original music.

He has released music on labels such as “Livity Sound” “ZamZam Sounds” “Saturate Records” and “Deep,Dark&Dangerous” and has also done remixes for many artists including Truth. He has also provided and co-produced music for musicians and video works.
With the support of various DJs such as BenUFO, Peverelist, Om Unit, Al Wootton, Youngsta and Hatcha, his music has been played in clubs and DJ mixes around the world, as well as on radio broadcasts such as BBC Radio1 and RinseFM.
As a DJ, he has performed both in Japan and abroad, appearing at festivals such as The Star Festival(Japan) and Outlook Festival(Croatia). He also performs Live set as improvisational expression of his own music.
More releases and performances are planned in the future.