現在のプロジェクトに参加する以前は、スペインのロックシーンに10年以上携わっていた。いくつかのバンドで演奏し、元バンドメンバーのラヴァージュとともに〈Carcosa Records〉を設立した。



David Minton, also known as HANJŌ is producer/sound designer based in Tokyo. The artist explores music creation with a small footprint. His soundscapes are driven by this same philosophy. 

The scarcity of space in Tokyo was the sparkle, in 2020, for the birth of HANJŌ, aptly named after a Japanese term meaning “a half tatami mat.” Since HANJŌ embraces minimalism and resourcefulness, resulting in a distinct sonic identity to resonate with his listeners.


Prior to the current explorative project he was involved in the rock scene in Spain for over 10 years. Where he played in several bands and founded Carcosa Records with his former band members of Laverge.


Currently in Tokyo he collaborates with a small community of artists in the Electronic and Modular scene.


YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwoj_6yTS8VQ02A7ZKMshw