Tina Rosy

R&Bシンガーソングライターとして東京渋谷FUNTIME PRODUCTIONSよりリリース。 2000年代のブラックミュージックに影響を受け、ゴスペルを通して音楽を学ぶ。 ニューヨーク留学経験などを活かしアメリカ人プロデューサーら(Victor Newman、Jon Underdown、Shen Brown from Def Tech)と共に、自身の体験からの日本人としての心情と本場のグルーヴ感を掛け合わせた、唯一無二の楽曲を作詞作曲している。 楽しい時も苦しい時も人々に寄り添える歌を、そんな信念を胸に楽曲を作り、歌っている。 




As an R&B singer-songwriter, she released a song from Tokyo Shibuya FUNTIME PRODUCTIONS. 

Influenced by Black Music in the 2000s, he studied music through GOSPEL. 

Using his experience studying in New York, he writes and composes unique songs with American producers (Victor Newman, Jon Underdown, Shen Brown from Def Tech) that combine “Japanese feelings from his own experiences” with “real groove feeling.” 

In my turbulent life, I was able to put myself on the ground because of music, and with this belief in “songs that cuddle up to people no matter what the situation is,” I write and sing songs. 


In the past, she worked as a chorus for big artists such as Nana Mizuki and Godaigo, and when she was a dancer, she accompanied Ai Otsuka on tours nationwide and overseas, so she is currently active in her activities. 


On the other hand, she started working as a model in 2019, and won the Best Style Award, Best Steel Award and Best Dress Award as finalists at the Miss Bridal Model Grand Prix. 


He is also a model for the HIP HOP brand “CONART”, collaborating and making clothes. 






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