Ryuji Takeuchi

(Local Sound Network | Hue Helix | Monnom Black | Instruments Of Discipline | Carbone Records)


レコードレーベル〈Local Sound Network〉 (LSN)主宰、〈HueHelix〉共同オーナー。レコードレーベルオーナーとしては、〈Local Sound Network〉 (LSN)では自身の作品に加え、Lars Klein、Audio Injection/Truncate、DJ Mika、Deepbass、ObsceneMannequin aka DavidFoster/Huren/Teste/O/H/MRTVI/AVM等の作品やリミックスを発表している。また、〈HueHelix〉では、自身の作品をはじめ、共同オーナーであるGo Hiyama、Tomohiko Sagae、〈Pole Group〉のOscar Muleroの作品等をリリースしている。プロデューサーとしては、自身の〈

Local Sound Network〉 (LSN), 〈HueHelix〉を筆頭に、近年ではDax J主宰の〈Monnom Black〉、AnD主宰の〈Inner Surface Music〉、ベルリンを拠点とするモダン・インダストリアル・テクノレーベル〈Instruments Of Discipline〉、モダン・ハード・アシッドテクノレーベル〈3THRecords〉や〈Carbone Records〉等の様々なレーベルから、約20年に渡り160を超えるタイトルのリリースを精力的に続ける。DJとしては2007年にオランダ最大のテクノイベントAwakeningsに出演を果たし、それ以降もオランダ、ドイツ等ヨーロッパでの出演を続けている。


Ryuji Takeuchi (Local Sound Network / LSN, HueHelix) was born in Osaka, and then first contacted with Electronic Music in the early 90s.
In the late 90s, he moved to the United States, where he discovered Techno, House and Electro Music.
As soon as he got back, he started to DJ at several locations and eventually learned to produce at the same time. After that, he released on such labels as: LK Rec, Arms, Mastertraxx, FK Rec, SWR, Innervate, I.CNTRL, Impact Mechanics, Silent Steps, GSR,Brood Audio, to name but a few.
In 2011, Ryuji started his own imprint called ‘Local Sound Network / LSN’ as a platform for new generation of electronic sound which following words can appropriately describe:driving,hypnotic, atmospheric, emotional, groovy, funky… and any other aspects that rock from brain to the dance floor under the following statement:

From local to global…
It exists in order to inspire the world…
Also, Ryuji kicked off another brand new label called ‘HueHelix / HHX’ as a new platform, which discloses something new,only represented by HueHelix, together with Go Hiyama, Tomohiko Sagae and Kazuya Kawakami, in order to push quality music with global standard from where sun rises.
In 2012, Ryuji launched ‘Local Sound Network Digital Solutions / LSNDS’ series in need of discovering and introducing wider range of electronic music, aiming at dropping unique audio output while it’s hot. Music style varies. All top quality output from new and established producers all over the world with its bottom line as follows:
We deliver,
What we believe,

What we believe in…
Keep your eyes and ears open for this guy, he never stops.


HP :http://www.ryujitakeuchi.com/