Robbie Akbal

メキシコのディープハウスシーンのベテラン的存在で、現在はベルリン在住の DJ、プロデューサー、レーベルオーナー Robbie Akbal。
ロビーは、〈Crosstown Rebels〉 の Damian Lazarus をはじめ、〈Get Physical Music〉、〈Culprit〉、〈Kindisch〉、〈Sol Selectas〉、〈Klassified〉 などの高名なレーベルと契約し、サポートを受けている。
彼はまた、Arman Miran、Elfenberg、Floyd Lavine、Fulltone、Zakir、Facundo Mohrr、Alejandro Mosso らによってリミックスされた最新トラック「Fanaya」を含む多くのトラックを、自身の 〈Akbal Music〉 からリリースしてきた。
〈Akbal Music〉 は14年前、メキシコの海沿いの街 リビエラ・マヤ にて設立された。最高級のハウスのみを扱う 〈Akbal Music〉 は、スピリチュアルな雰囲気とトライバルなグルーヴを持つ、ディープでメロディアスなサウンドが特徴のレーベルである。〈Akbal Music〉 が率いるこのレーベルには、Mihai Popoviciu、Floyd Lavine、Niko Schwind、Nick Curly、Hyenah、Jon Charnis、Audiofly などがトラックやリミックスをリリースしている。


A veteran of the deep house scene in Mexico, who now resides in Berlin, Robbie Akbal is a DJ, producer and label owner.
His style is a fusion of dreamy melody, natural textures and earthy percussion often playing tribal rhythms. Tempo is also something that plays a big part of his sound as he often leans towards slower paced music where the groove calms the mind whilst moving the body.
Robbie has been signed and support by Damian Lazarus from Crosstown Rebels, as well as several highly respected labels like Get Physical, Culprit, Kindisch, Sol Selectas, Klassified and others.
He also has a long catalog of releases on his output Akbal Music including his latest cut ‘Fanaya’ who was recently remixed by: Arman Miran, Elfenberg, Floyd Lavine, Fulltone, Zakir, Facundo Mohrr and Alejandro Mosso.
Almost 14 years ago Robbie founded Akbal Music half from the coastal Mayan Riviera in Mexico. Dedicated to only the finest house, Akbal Music is a deep and melodic label with spiritual vibes and tribal grooves. Headed up by Robbie Akbal, its roster includes tracks and remixes from the likes of Mihai Popoviciu, Floyd Lavine, Niko Schwind, Nick Curly, Hyenah, Jon Charnis and Audiofly