(Breakfast Club | AUS)

この新進気鋭の才能が評価され、Jmceeは徐々にシーンの新たな高みへと押し上げ、2017年にはFabric(ロンドン)、2018年にはWaking Life(ポルトガル)、2019年にはBachstelzanフロア(Fusion Festival)でデビューを果たした。

Jmcee has spent over 14 years connecting a lifetime of love for funk and hip hop with his chosen world of 4/4 dancefloors.
The result is a musical fusion quietly achieving acclaim on the floors of festivals and nightclubs throughout Australia and much of Europe.
Recognition of this emerging talent has gradually propelled Jmcee to new heights within the scene, helping him make his debut at Fabric (London) in 2017, Waking Life (Portugal) in 2018 and the Bachstelzan Floor (Fusion Festival) in 2019.
Such iconic debuts have created increased international interest for Jmcee, with bookings from Bali to Berlin, Thessaloniki to Thailand, Noumea to New Zealand, all while he continues to wage his weekly war on the 9-5 with the Monday morning Breakfast Club raves in Melbourne

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