re:niと共にレーベル、クラブナイト、NTSショー〈re:lax〉を運営するLaksaは、Batu主宰の〈Timedance〉からリリースした初期のEP以来、一貫してベースミュージックに変化をもたらし続けている。根っからのブリストル・ベース・ヘッドである彼のハイブリッド・サウンドは、〈Hessle Audio〉、〈Ilian Tape〉、〈Tra Trax〉、〈AD93〉など、多くの著名レーベルからリリースされ、UKの最新タレントの仲間入りを果たした。〈re:lax〉からリリースしたデビューEP「Body Score EP」は、SurgeonやDJ NobuからMantraまで多くの支持を得た。

Running the label, club night and NTS show ‘re:lax’ with re:ni, Laksa has been consistently pushing bass mutations since his early EPs on Batu’s Timedance. A Bristol bass head at heart, his hybrid sound has found a home on many respected labels such as Hessle Audio, Ilian Tape, Tra Tra Trax and AD93, cementing his place amongst the latest UK talent. He has added to this list with his debut EP for re:lax – Body Score EP – which had support from the likes of Surgeon and DJ Nobu to Mantra.
With shows at institutions like Berghain, Nowadays and Printworks, along with gigs across Europe and Asia, he effortlessly blurs styles and genres with a UK rudeness. With more music and releases lined up for re:lax in 2024, Laksa will continue to explore his interests and sound, and push things FWD.